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Top 10 most popular health quotes

Sometimes, wealth can also bring health problems, because health does not necessarily mean eating expensive things and/or in large quantities. For example, eating excess “junk” food, which in theory is not available to poor people, makes you more prone to obesity. Logically other factors influence like genetics, although it is clear that it helps. Junk food is characterized by having a very high amount of calories and fat, which are excessive compared to our need.
Obesity is usually diagnosed by the body mass index. In this index the stature and the weight of the subject influence. Obesity can bring more serious consequences such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.
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Good health, which forbids knowing what one will die, adds to the randomness of death. 
Quote from Philippe Bouvard; My last thoughts are for you (2017)
It is permissible to ask for the health of God, as he who alone can give it to us, with this condition, if that is his will. 
Quote from Saint Francis de Sales; One thought for each day (1846)
To be in good health is to be able to abuse one’s health with impunity. 
Quote from Michel Tournier; The mirror of ideas (1994)
Those who speak incessantly about their health, resemble the misers who always pile up money, without ever having the mind to enjoy it. 
Quote from Laurence Sterne; The maxims, thoughts and letters (1768)
Health is of greater value than the wealth of a patient; and there is no one who prefers the health of a man in mediocrity to the riches of a king overwhelmed with diseases. 
Quote from Plato; The fragments – IV e s. BC. AD
There is no other youth than perfect health and vigor of mind. When we have these advantages, we are always young, even when we are one hundred years old. 
Quote from Mary Sarah Newton; Various Essays, Letters and Thoughts (1852)
To return to Nature, where everything lives and breathes, to the soul, to the weary body, renders their young vigor; but to see Nature we need your smile, Health, the first of goods after the peace of the heart. 
Quote from Henri-Frédéric Amiel; He thought (1858)
If you want to maintain a perfect vigor, you must use everything with sobriety, most often diet, give little pleasure, much to health. 
Quote from Denys Caton; The couplets, Book 2, XXVIII – III e s.
Health is youth, because illness can make an old man a young man. 
Quote from Lucien of Samosate; Selected thoughts (II th century)
The council of the order of doctors, charged with the maintenance of the public order of the national health, gives advice but does not receive it, except by appointment. 
Quote from Pierre Dac; Thoughts (1972)
It is better, in my opinion, to be in a good state of health than in a bad state of arrest. Although one does not prevent the other. 
Quote from Pierre Dac; Thoughts (1972)