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I added effects for star photos to make your photos look great

Let’s say you have a good eye for taking great and indiscreet photos of your friends and smiling selfies. Your photos and compositions are already pretty, but how could you make an extra effort to transform those photos into pictures worthy of a magazine? Try your luck with the photographic effects and give your photos a stunning style!

With kueez.com, using photo effects in your designs is super easy! It does not matter if you want to design from your computer or from your iPhone, iPad or Android device, we have hundreds of ideal filters to give “that touch that is missing” to your designs. You just have to choose your image, click on “Filter” and explore our collection of filters. In addition, you can design your own filters!

Apply delicate filters for photos

Our library is full of photo filters for all kinds of occasions. I chose the “Rosie” filter to obtain a perfect pink tone for lovers and tender moments. Or try our “Retro” filter to achieve that vintage effect that is so fashionable. You can go selecting all our filters to try options and find the one that best highlights the beauty of your photos. If, after all, you think the filter does not look so good, do not worry! Just go back and your photo will have its initial properties again.

Realize your images with filters for amazing photos

Our photo filters are not only conventional but also have interesting filter options with a mysterious and seductive side. Try the filter to give your photo a fresh and muted tone that recalls the views of the Baltic Sea or the enjoyment of a morning in San Francisco. You can choose the epic filter to raise the tone of your photos and provoke seriousness with high contrast colors and a dash of retro style. The filter will make black and white predominate in your photo, along with a touch of worn color and a strong vignette effect. We have photographic filters for every mood!

Change the look and feel of your images with saturation and hue

The color says all about the mood of a photograph. We provide you with the simple steps to improve the colors of your photos and make them vibrate. From the filter window, I moved the saturation slider to the right to enrich your colors (reds will look redder and blues blue). You can also modify the entire color palette of the photo with the hue slider. For example, give a photo an orange tint to achieve a summer and sunny appearance, or a blue tint in a context of stretching and relaxation.