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How to choose the best wedding photographer

More and more the couple understands the importance of their wedding photographs and the essentials of hiring a competent professional in this area since the photographer captures moments and moulds them beautifully to turn them into art. This is how the most precious memories of the wedding are created and the only ones that will be available throughout your life, if you know how to choose. We invite you to know these 5 short steps has prepared for you to succeed in the decision of your photographer.

How to choose the best wedding photographer (5 easy steps)

wedding photographers

Wedding photographers

Step 1: Define style and budget

Step 2: Search for the best professional

Step 3: Personal interview

Step 4: Decision

Step 5: Conditions and contract

Step 1: The first thing is to know the different styles of wedding photography and evaluate which style fits more with your way of being, thinking and feeling. It will be the only way to ensure that your wedding photographs really reflect what you want on the big day. So also professionals recommend us when they say that “the first thing that brides should do is decide what style of photography they prefer, since many photographers work different styles, for example, there are the classic ones, the romantics, the documentary photography, etc.”.

Step 2: As with places for weddings, the best photographers in Dubai and most well-known photographers often exhaust their dates quickly. If you already know the style you want, limit the search field and start contacting one year in advance if you get married in high season, or at least six months if you do it in the offseason.

photographer in action

Photographer in action

Step 3: Once you have reviewed the files and portfolios of the photographers that interest you, the next step is to schedule a personal meeting with the ones you like the most since that is where you can assess the connection with them. Find out if there is chemistry between the professional and you, remember that he will accompany you throughout that day and you must feel comfortable in his company. Besides, you must know their ideas, to see if they fit with your personality; and do not forget to ask them to show you their work so they can ask how they have dealt with each of their photographs.

Step 4: If they feel satisfied and confident with the work shown by the photographer, then that is what they were looking for. When being calm, the photographer will feel in confidence to approach, the photographs will go out alone, and everything will be familiar to them.

Step 5: Also do not forget to ask how long they will work, if the price is contemplated by hours or by service and how much time they will dedicate to the edition of the photographs. All this is relevant to negotiate a final price. As professionals describe, “we must take into account the work of post-production, many couples think that the work of the photographer is only during the day of the wedding, but a good photographer always performs a post-production work to correct small imperfections. That cannot be controlled when capturing the photograph.